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The pieces in this web site’s miscellany are linked by one circumstance – the author’s life between two languages, the language of his birth,  upbringing and education in Germany and the language of his life, professional and otherwise, in the United States of America.  The list of names for turtles and tortoises was the byproduct of translating a book about  keeping and caring for these animals. When, in the mid-1980s, I developed an interest in all things canine and wanted to tell friends and relatives in Germany about it, I found I lacked the words to do so. That is why the Kynos-Wörterbuch was begun. When the book appeared in print in 1999, the publisher had deleted, among other items, the sections on The Idiomatic Dog. So I offer them here. I also include a list of additional entries for a lexicographer’s work is never done.  The Dhole article grew out of my efforts to bring clarity to the perplexing multitude of “Wild Dog of ....” designations that I encountered when collecting the lemmata for the dictionary.




Hundewörterbuch,  Kynos-Wörterbuch: Addenda

     Englisch > Deutsch            German > English


Hundewörterbuch. Der redensartliche Hund (German > English)


Hundewörterbuch. The Idiomatic Dog (Englisch > Deutsch)


Schildkröten: Eine deutsch-englische Namensliste

            Alphabetisch: deutsch             

            Alphabetisch: wissenschaftliche Nomenklatur


Thos vs Canis


 The Asiatic Wild Dog or Dhole (Cuon alpinus)





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